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The Old Healing Oils for Modern Ailments– Episode 85: Dr Eric Zielinski

Having successfully spearheaded all-natural living and also scriptural wellness education because 2003, Dr. Eric Zielinski is a nationwide bestselling writer, aromatherapist extraordinaire and public health researcher. In 2014 he as well as his spouse Sabrina started to assist people discover just how to use all-natural remedies like important oils securely and also effectively– which soon became the leading online source for scriptural health and wellness and non-branded vital oils education. Sign Up With Ann Louise and also Dr. Z as they discuss the Zielinski’s brand-new publication, “The Necessary Oils Dispenser,” and take a deep dive into taking a look at the remarkable recovery and also anointing oils discovered in the Holy bible, exactly how crucial oils can be utilized to aid with virtually any type of persistent wellness conditions recognized to man, the value of spending quality time outdoors, methods to cope with stress & & anxiety, the effectiveness as well as relevance of picking a vital oil that is third party checked and a lot much more!

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