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Thai Noodle Salad


· 200g Umami Edamame beans,

peeled, frozen · 200g Pandaroo Wild Rice Vermicelli · 1/4 red

cabbage, thinly cut · 100g snow peas, reduced right into 2 cm pieces · 1 tiny red capsicum, thinly sliced

· 2 tool carrots, grated · 1 springtime onion,

chopped ·

Bunch of parsley , sliced carefully · Bunch of mint, cut

carefully · 250g bag bean sprouts · 1/4 mug baked cashews Select one serve of the listed below

protein resource: · Poached or Grilled or barbeque

Chicken · Macro Honey

Soy Tofu · Beef Sirloin Steak Fillets Dressing: · 4 tbsps added virgin olive oil · 2 tbsps honey · 3 limes, juiced · 3 tbsps fish sauce METHOD 1. Steam a pot of water. As soon as the water concerns a boil, put some right into a dish to defrost the edamame beans and put

the vermicelli noodles into the rest of the pot of boiling water to prepare according to the packet directions(~ 5-7 mins)2. Whilst noodles are cooking, slice all the veggies and also adding them right into a large salad dish 3. Once completed, relying on your selection of healthy protein, prepare it to add to the salad, around 100g of meat is a healthy offer or 170g tofu each

4. Make the impersonating per the components

5. Once whatever is prepared, add the edamame beans, noodles and roasted cashews right into the bowl with the vegetables

6. Toss with the dressing and include your selection of healthy protein resource ahead

7. Enjoy :-RRB- Tatiana

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