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SUPER GUT– Episode 115: Dr. William Davis

Little did Ann Louise understand in 1988 when she created her first publication, Beyond Pritikin – that speak about the risks of gluten – that she would certainly be channeling a groundbreaking book lots of decades later on called Wheat Tummy! Join Ann Louise as she welcome Dr. William Davis, a preventative cardiologist and writer of the # 1 New York Times bestseller Wheat Belly. In his latest pioneering project, SUPER INTESTINE, Dr. Davis maintains that the solution to our digestive tract and also general illness isn’t located in the latest variation of a ketogenic diet plan or some new superfood yet instead that we need to reintroduce our bodies to the microbial varieties that as soon as stayed in our ancestors while pushing back the army of microbial charlatans that have taken their place. According to Dr. Davis, SUPER digestive tract’s action strategy shows us exactly how we can quickly replace crucial germs shed from the modern microbiome while getting rid of the negative ones that cause little intestinal tract microbial overgrowth, SIBO as well as tiny digestive fungal overgrowth, SIFO overgrowth of microbes that hijack human health. Microbiome medicine is an important part of condition avoidance, vigor, longevity, and also good health. Tune into what may be among our finest episodes to day!

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