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RED Light Therapy — Episode 91: April Blake

Join First Woman Ann Louise Gittleman as she meetings seasoned light practitioner April Blake. They delve into the fascinating globe of Light Therapy including its extensive healing advantages, just how it functions, the healing power of shades and also just how light is a vital nutrient for your mind and body – equally as vital as wholesome food as well as distilled water. As April clarifies, light is the main nutrient of every cell and making use of LED Traffic signal Treatment, we can accurately “flood the cells with light” stimulating a procedure called photobiomodulation (PBM). PBM is an organic process whereby cells get light (or photon power) that trigger the production of healing nutrients. Making use of Blue, Red, and also Near Infrared Light launches saved Nitric Oxide (NO) in a secure, non-invasive fashion activates a beneficial inherent cellular feedback in the skin, soft tissues, organs, as well as bones. Light treatment promotes the “chemistry” of nitric oxide– which is the “chemistry” of healing. There are over 6,000 research studies showing the efficiency of Light Therapy for numerous problems, and also April show to us several outstanding testimonies of the power of Light Treatment. Don’t miss this ‘informing’ episode!

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