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Quinoa Nori Rolls Recipe

Nori Rolls.pngNori Rolls.png

Ingredients · 1 cup steamed quinoa · 2 cups water · 2 tablespoon rice white wine vinegar · 10 nori sheets · 1x canned beetroot,

cut · 1 big capsicum, cut · 1 huge carrot, cut · Handful of alpha sprouts · 1-2 avocado, mashed · 3 tinned tuna in olive oil

· 1/2 mug minimized salt soy sauce Approach:1. Location quinoa, vinegar and also water in a pan 2. Give steam and reduce heat, cover as well as simmer

for 10-15 minutes until water soaks up 3. Meanwhile mash avocado with tinned tuna 4. Area nori sheet shiny side down on bench 5. Spread quinoa over nori sheet 6. Spread tuna/ avocado mix in a thin

layer 7. Arrange raw vegetables in the centre of the quinoa 8. Roll up the nori sheet firmly 9. Repeat with the continuing to be of the nori sheets 10. Serve with reduced sodium soy sauce Original Article

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