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Lithium: The Cinderella Mineral for Cognitive Decrease

As a necessary mineral– like sodium, magnesium, potassium, as well as chloride– lithium is vital for our survival. Its feature is to shield the brain from neurodegeneration. It stops the progression of cognitive decline as we age, as well as it can also reverse Alzheimer’s condition as well as cerebral degeneration. Lithium has actually been shown to inhibit the growth of plaques as well as amyloid down payments in the mind that can cause cognitive decrease. When given up reduced doses, lithium can successfully enhance memory and improve cognition, avoid, as well as also turn around dementia, decrease the danger of stroke and its damage, and boost effects of brain trauma. As well as because it improves total mind feature, it is well documented to enhance numerous psychological wellness problems consisting of stress and anxiety, depression, ADD and ADHD, and also PTSD.I found

lithium a number of years ago when I was investigating my publication and found Turning around Alzheimer’s by Dr. Timothy Smith. Below is his individual lithium story:

“In 2003, an MRI check of my brain revealed cerebral degeneration. This had not been an unexpected finding; most sixty-year-olds have some brain shrinkage as a “normal” function of aging. A couple of months later I read a research short article in Lancet revealing that low-dose lithium turned around cerebral atrophy, so I added 20 mg a day of lithium orotate to my supplement program.

A number of years earlier, a repeat MRI disclosed, to my shock, that the atrophy was entirely gone! Recent research study has revealed the mechanism: lithium sets off BDNF production that stimulates the development of stem cells, bring about neuro-regeneration. Nothing else is recognized to reverse brain atrophy, so I presume it was the lithium. What a gift!”

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