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Lessons I Picked up from My 106 Year Old Mentor

Is 100 really the brand-new 60?

Definitely! I discovered this first-hand from the “Grande Dame” of Natural Medicine, Dr. Hazel Parcells. When I first satisfied Dr. Parcells, she was 84 years young with a routine half her age. She was teaching 8 to 5, five days a week. She lived to the ripe aging of 106 with an incredibly sharp intelligence and younger spirit– all intact. On her 106th birthday, she famously created, “A lot of times I’m inquired about the trick of my durability. I can ensure you that there are obvious. There is just the understanding of nature and also the day-to-day method of nature’s regulations.”

When I began creating Radical Longevity, I considered the vital lessons I picked up from Dr. Parcells. She taught me about the value of not chasing after symptoms, but looking at source as the underlying triggers of all disease. Over 40 years earlier, she showed me to be familiar with heavy steels and also chemicals, lots of hiding in ordinary sight, that were screwing up the foods we eat, the kitchenware we utilize as well as the atmosphere around us. She was years ahead of the contour when it came to recognizing and handling the dangerous results of radiation, mold and mildew, fungi, as well as yeast toxicity. Every one of these worries are looked at with the lens of contemporary scientific research. In guide, I dig deep right into the most up to date research study to supply the most practical and workable
health and wellness and healing advice.

Dr. Parcells was typically quoted as saying, “If you intend to be healthy, you require to trade your wishbone for a backbone and get to work.” So, in that spirit, allow’s get going!

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