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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy– The New Fountain of Youth

I have actually come to be convinced that oxygen is truly the “unrecognized” eternal youth

. As you understand, oxygen, water and food are the fundamentals of survival. While there are exemptions, the “Rule of sixes” applies. You can last roughly 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but just concerning 3 minutes without oxygen. So is it any type of surprise that oxygen, being one of life’s most vital active ingredients, is vital to the recuperation from injuries and diseases?

I was first informed to the restorative worth of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) during a meeting with my close friend and also colleague, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, that as soon as told me that if he had an individual that endured a stroke, the very first line of therapy would be HBOT. What I later found out is this unbelievable therapy has quite a distinguished performance history.

Pumping Up Your Oxygen Degrees with HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is a restorative technique created to enhance the body’s oxygen levels as well as accelerate recovery at a fast price. The U.S. Navy gave the initial HBOT in the 1930s for the objective of combating decompression health issues. And since the 1950s, HBOT therapies have been consistently performed in medical care centers throughout the globe to treat a range of persistent disorders.

The therapy includes breathing 100% pure oxygen while enclosed in a sealed, pressurized chamber. Since the chamber is pressurized at almost 3 times higher than regular air pressure, the body’s blood plasma quickly ends up being saturated as well as has the ability to speed up recovery by carrying 15-20 times the regular quantity of oxygen to the body’s cells.

To date, there more than 120 reported conditions for which hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been revealed to be beneficial consisting of autism, cerebral palsy, drowning as well as anoxic mind injury, migraine frustration, light cognitive impairment (MCI) and mental deterioration, multiple sclerosis, plastic/cosmetic surgical procedure recuperation, recovery from surgical treatment, sports injuries and also sporting activities performance/recovery, stroke, distressing brain injury (TBI), and also many more.

My buddy, Ben Greenfield, put it in excellent perspective, “When it comes to healing injuries (including traumas as well as wounds) much faster, increasing oxygen delivery to broken tissues, blasting the body with nitric oxide for far better blood circulation, raising the production of collagen, and also causing an all-natural launch of your very own stem cells, there is absolutely nothing as effective as HBOT. I am blown away by the body of study on this outstanding biohack.”

HBOT for Distressing Brain Injuries

A terrible brain injury (TBI) impacts exactly how the mind functions. These injuries can vary in severity and also can occur in a number of means. A lot more generally referred to as a trauma, a TBI can be an outcome of a simple autumn, a sporting activities collision, or any sort of mishap. It results in the mind relocating rapidly to and fro in the head. A major TBI can cause the mind to hemorrhage. Symptoms can include loss of awareness, amnesia, frustrations, problem with balance, focus, blurred vision, mood changes, rest disruptions and also loss of electric motor function– every one of which can last for days, weeks, or perhaps years.

Several individuals that receive HBOT as a TBI therapy can even begin to experience improvement after just one session. People who have actually experienced for many years after a TBI have actually revealed significant as well as irreversible renovation with a collection of HBOT treatments. The benefits for traumatic brain injuries are almost endless as it improves total quality of life.

As a lot of my followers recognize I’m presently undertaking HBOT for a TBI I received almost 15 years back. And that’s the appeal of hyperbaric oxygen– it can be made use of for acute or persistent injuries even if years have actually passed.

What to Expect in An HBOT Treatment

When I first determined to give HBOT a try, I called the most well-respected HBOT professional in the country, Dr. Paul Harch. At his center, I underwent a measurable EEG which Dr. Harch created to personalize the specific stress as well as dose of oxygen to recover my mind. Like diet regimen and also exercise, there’s merely not a one-size-fits-all technique to oxygen therapy.

I remain in the process of undergoing 40 therapies (which appears to be the gold requirement and sweet spot for most people). Each of my treatments last 45 mins and the only negative effects I have actually experienced is moderate ear popping. At the Harch Facility I have actually been able to do my therapies in a clear chamber without a mask which has actually relieved my claustrophobia concerns, and also I recognize many of you can associate. While there I have actually had the possibility to fulfill expert football players and autistic children with their committed moms and dads that are all undergoing treatment.

Hyperbaric Treatment Centers have actually popped up throughout the U.S. in the last few years as the benefits of this therapy become much more extensively known. For ideal results, you want to locate somebody who is really qualified with years of experience or that has actually educated with Dr. Harch directly. You can discover more regarding Dr. Harch and also HBOT on his site right here.

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