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Gut Health: Food for a Healthy Colon [FREE WEBINAR]

Digestive Tract Health And Wellness Webinar & Resources This subject is in honor of Colon Cancer Recognition Month. I cover all the basics you need to understand about consuming for optimal intestine health and wellness. We will talk about the current proof, along with practical ideas for maintaining a healthy colon. Subjects gone over during this webinar include:

  • What is the gut?The microbiome Digestion Diet & Workout
  • Pre & probiotics
  • Digestive tract wellness and also condition
  • Enjoy the Recording!

    Extra Resources

    The following sources were talked about and also are suggested for additional understanding regarding gut health!

    Keep tuned for my 4 component digestive tract wellness post series starting March 17th!


    Beginning With Mindful Eating: Webinar Recording as well as Resources

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