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Icy Hash Brown Preparation Premium PD Dish

The excellent getting-started-satisfying-starch solution when you need a simple protective dish on your plate. Additive-free, frozen, shredded potatoes are a shortcut to a gratifying fuss-free protective dinner. Add fridge helpful PD staples like PD yogurt and also warm sauce to clothe them up. Add unsweetened, additive-free apple sauce for a potato pancake breakfast. If you prepare to veg-it-up set these potatoes with Pico de Gallo, or the sliced salad featured in the 50/50 Salad Stuffed Potato Bowl. Supply your fridge freezer with the additive-free hash brown potato alternatives stated in the notes for a freezer convenient PD meal.

Ingredients: Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes(ingredient: potatoes)


  1. Check Out Instructions and also Notes
  2. Stock up your fridge freezer with several bags of additive-free icy shredded potatoes
  3. Preheat oven to 450 levels
  4. Line a rimmed cooking sheet with parchment paper, or a silicone floor covering
  5. Place icy potatoes on lined frying pan as well as expanded about 1/2-inch thick
  6. Bake on the facility shelf for approximately half an hour, or until the leading edges are gold brownish

Notes & & Pro Tips:

  • Both additive-free brand names that I have located in St. George, Utah, are Mr. Dell’s 4-pound bag at Walmart and Cascadian Ranch Organic 16oz bag at Natural Grocers– the Mr. Dell brand at Walmart is not additive-free in all places so be sure to review tags
  • Sprouts supermarket brand was additive-free when I lived in California
  • Please assist other PD participants by sharing the brand name and resource in your location in the remarks below
  • Costco has a large amount on parchment paper throughout the holiday as well as winter
  • Wax paper is not the like parchment paper
  • Silicone floor coverings can be utilized, but if you prefer much faster clean-up use parchment paper
  • Silicone mats will make their means into your Office for Health when you come across a few dishes that require them
  • When exercising PD the carry-out bags, plastic bundles, eliminate coffee, straws, soda, and also water bottles are eliminated; we are making a huge influence on our health and wellness, the pets, as well as our world
  • It is not what we contribute to a Safety Diet that turns around disease and also slims us down, it is what we remove that permits our body to recover as well as lose excess body fat
  • With every passing day on a PD you will be 24-hours closer to optimum health and wellness as well as your perfect body weight
  • Daily that we choose a Safety Diet we help our safety resident microbiota in maintaining mobile homeostasis

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