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Eat the Rainbow Wintertime Week 4- Generate Myth # 4: GMOs, Great or Poor?

EtR PROGRAM UPDATES: Delighted Vacations to everybody! May you have joy as well as well-being this holiday! Click here to find a few of Julie’s fav dishes that you can add to your vacation festivities! Are you amazed that we have added sugars in

some of our recipes? There is an usual nourishment misconception that walks around that” sugar feeds cancer “which is not real! Check out why Julie recommends we stop stating that! Welcome to Week 4 of the Consume the Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Difficulty!

.?.!! RECORD LAST WEEK’S FRUIT & VEGGIE CONSUMPTION BELOW! This week we are going to unmaskone more typical produce misconception– that organic and also non-GMO vegetables and fruits are healthier than the alternatives. WHAT IS A GMO CROP? The term GMO mean”genetically modified microorganism”aka a kind of animal or plant that

has actually had its DNA modified. Through selective reproduction, farmers have actually been customizing crops for centuries to resist parasites, make it easier to regulate weeds, improve nutrition, or survive changing climates. Lots of GMO plant ranges have resulted in

companies from around the world have wrapped up that

Instructions Mix apples, rosemary, olive oil, salt, and also pepper in a bowl. Position on a griddle or saute frying pan (tool heat) and also cook until the apples are tender as well as set aside.

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— Julie, Trainee Kate and also Intern Sarah

Consume the Rainbow Wintertime Week 3-Produce Myth # 3: Fruit is High in Sugar

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