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Consume the Rainbow Winter Season Week 11-Satisfying Snacks

EtR PROGRAM UPDATES: Welcome to Week11 of the Consume

the Rainbow Fruit as well as Veggie Challenge!.?.!! Program Updates: WEEK 11 TOPIC: LET‘S TALK ABOUT SNACKS !! This week we are mosting likely to speak about another

means to enhance fruits as well as veggies in your diet plan– with treats! Snacks are a wonderful means to keep yourself invigorated and concentrated throughout the day

along with keep your blood glucose stable to stay clear of”accidents “in energy. Nonetheless, conventional snack foods aren’t always the most nourishing alternatives . Typical snack foods like potato chips and sweet contain improved carbohydrates, sugarcoated, and also added sodium that will certainly leave you really feeling slow-moving as well as exhausted rather than encouraged to relocate via your day. Next time you have the desire for an afternoon pick me up, grab fruits as well as veggies instead! Vegetables and fruits are high in fiber, vitamins, as well as minerals that will maintain you feeling complete and also stimulated up until your next meal. Stuck on just how to make vegetables and fruits into a yummy treat? We have actually got your back! Below are some excellent concepts: Veggies and dip: Try reducing up some of your favored crispy vegetables(

cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, etc)and dipping them right into hummus or an additional dip Fruit and yogurt: Chop up your favored fruit as well as dip

  • it right into greek yogurt for a scrumptious and filling up snack Fruit as well as nut butter: Try slicing some bananas or apples and also dipping them into your preferred nut butter. The healthy fats from the nut butter will maintain you
  • full as well as satiated! Make your very own kale chips: These are great when you are craving something crispy as well as salty Avocado dip and also