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Eat the Rainbow Week 11: Produce Myth # 3

Welcome to Week 11 of the Eat the Rainbow Fruit as well as Veggie Obstacle!

.?.!! REPORT RECENTLY’S FRUIT & VEGGIE CONSUMPTION RIGHT HERE! LAST ZOOM MEETING! A reminder that our last zoom meeting of the difficulty will certainly be next Thursday at 4pm(9/16). Register for the Zoom meeting

below. Can you think there are only two weeks left in the challenge?? Exactly how are you feeling? Check in with on your own to see what improvements you have actually made, as well as additionally note what you wish to accomplish in the next 2 weeks!

This Week’s Topic

Today, we’re covering our third typical produce-related myth.

MYTH: Raw foods are extra healthy than cooked foods.

TRUTH: Some nutrients are deactivated during the food preparation procedure, however some are triggered. Consuming food items prepared as well as raw are both nutritious means to consume.

Why do we cook food!

.?. !? Roasting, steaming, sautéeing, baking, steaming– we have numerous approaches to prepare our food. Yet why do we do it?

The procedure of cooking food helps to break down fiber as well as plant cell wall surfaces, which makes vegetables and fruits much easier to digest. This procedure can also make it easier for our bodies to take in nutrients from the cooked foods.

As well as that cooking food commonly boosts its taste and also scent, making it a lot more enjoyable to consume. That intends to eat chilly food at all times?

Nevertheless, some say that food preparation vegetables and fruits destroys the nutrients located in those foods. These individuals (commonly called “raw foodists”) think it is better to consume your fruits and vegetables in their raw, uncooked type.

This is partly real– food preparation has actually been shown to decrease vitamin C degrees in fruits and vegetables because of the unsteady nature of the vitamin, which is conveniently broken down with warm exposure.

Nevertheless, food preparation has actually likewise been revealed to enhance levels of specific antioxidants in fruits and vegetables such as lycopene, carotenoids, polyphenols, and beta-carotene.

All in all, neither prepared or raw foods can be considered “healthier” than the various other. Whatever makes you more probable to eat more fruit and vegetables is the most effective option– if it tastes good, you’re mosting likely to eat it. The most important point is to consume your fruits and also veggies, no matter just how they’re prepared.

Week 11 Difficulty:

Try preparing among your favorite fruits or veggies in a new means! If you usually consume it raw, attempt it prepared! If you usually sautée it, attempt it baked! If you’re seeking an originality for sweet potatoes, try our recipe for simple baked wonderful potatoes below! Take a picture of your development as well as post it to our Facebook page.

Generate Emphasize of the Week: Sugary Food Potatoes Sweet potatoes are a root veggie that have excellent wellness benefits. They are rich in fiber, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and also potassium. They are a fine example of a healthy and balanced complicated carb, and are an excellent resource of power.

Just how to Make use of

Wonderful potatoes can be baked, baked, as well as steamed. Eat them entire, cubed, reduced right into fries, mashed, or blended right into a soup. They are a fantastic enhancement to savory or wonderful meals! For tasty, attempt spraying them with some smoked paprika. For sweet, utilize cinnamon rather.

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Roasted Sugary Food Potatoes Active ingredients Scale 1x 2x 3x


  1. 4 sweet potatoes Olive oil Salt and pepper, to
  2. taste Guidelines Preheat oven to 425ºF.
  3. Clean and also peel off the pleasant potatoes(or leave skins on for added nutrients! )Cut the wonderful potatoes into 1 inch items,
  4. or cut them thin. Area wonderful potato pieces onto a flat pan. Drizzle with olive oil and also spray with salt and also pepper.
  5. Mix well on the baking sheet and also arrange potatoes right into a single layer.
  6. Cook for 30-45 minutes, or up until tender (very finely slices potatoes will certainly cook faster than cubed).
  7. Allow cool for 5 minutes before offering.

Did you make this dish?

Share an image as well as label us– we can’t wait to see what you have actually made!

-Julie & Trainee Brownish-yellow Consume the Rainbow Week 10: Generate Myth # 2Original Article

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