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Best Healthy Hot Cross Bun Recipe


  • Ash obtained pleased

  • baking last weekend break as well as these were a wonderful success at a buddies farewell picnic. You can do the simple variation which does not entail crosses ahead and jam to
  • make them shiny

  • and also quite too if

  • you’re feeling careless. Or else take your time and also enjoy! Ingredients: Buns Enthusiasm of one

    orange 2x mugs of wholemeal flour+a little extra for piping(Approx

    . 100g)

    1. 250mL light/soy milk/lactose cost-free milk, heated up until its warm 1 Tablespoon of dried split second yeast Pinch of salt 70g Olive Grove Margarine 50g honey 1x egg 1.5 tsp ground cinnamon 1.5 tsp

    2. ground nutmeg 0.5 tsp ground cloves 150g sultanas Apricot Jam Piping/To Make Crosses (Optional)80g simple flour Squeeze salt Tsp olive oil 100mL hot water Apricot Jam To Brush Buns (Optional)2xTbsp Apricot Jam Tbsp Water Method

    3. Location cozy milk and yeast right into a bowl as well as mix till liquified Mix wholemeal flour, salt, margarine, honey, egg and spices with a wooden spoon Add sultanas and also a mix a little additional Locate greatest family member as well as

    4. make them knead for 10 mins by hand on a slicing board that has gently been sprayed with flour; )Place in a huge dish as well as cover with border cover or kitchen area towel. Maintain in a cozy area for thirty minutes. The mix must climb to concerning 2x the initial dimension Pre warm the oven to 220 degrees Celsius Separate right into 12 pieces and form right into spheres. Position on a cooking tray which is lined with cooking paper Integrate the piping components

      . If still too thick you can include a little bit extra warm water Transfer to a piping bag or make your own and pipe

    5. crosses onto the top of

    6. the buns Cook for 10 minutes. After that transform the oven down

    7. to 180 levels as well as to grill for 2 mins to brown the tops Get

      of the oven Gently heat jam as well as water on

    8. reduced warmth in saucepan Brush buns with Apricot Jam whilst still warm Leave to cool down on a baking rack FEAST ON with family and friends Original Article

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