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Baked Porridge Dish


  • Everybody enjoys some warm morning meal options in the morning

  • introducing the cooler months. Ash

  • has been try out a new baked porridge choice and shares

  • below. This increases like a cake(as well as tastes likes cake, winning!)Offers 2 Ingredients

  • : One cup of standard oats One cup of milk One banana, mashed

Punnet raspberries or poached apple Tbsp nut butter 2x tsp cinnamon Tsp cooking powder 4x Tablespoon greek yoghurt Optional: Scoop of protein powder Technique Pre-heat the stove to 180 levels Grease a small tin or ramekin with oil or margarine Add all active ingredients into a dish and also mix completely Include ingredients to tin/ramekin Cook for approximately until 25 mins(Or brownish and risen) Entrust to cool down for 2-3 minutes Scoop into 2x bowls Leading with yoghurt and also raspberries or poached apple Original Article

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